Hello there,
My Name is Yura Fora, I am young and talented graphic and web designer with over 13 years of experience and bringing a unique background and set of skills. My experiences of growing up in Kenya, Japan, and currently in Minnesota exposed me to many unique cultures and thus it has given me a unique taste of design. Although my background is in graphic design, and User Interface design (both web and Apps), I have gained a tremendous amount of experience in Marketing.

Implementing innovative solutions to address simple and large scale marketing challenges is a must. I believe our goal as marketers and designers is to tell captivating stories, and I come from a line of great storytellers. As they say, content is king, and for a brand, the elements of your brand and your content is the first impression of your message.

From the graphics, the logo, the style, the message, and on; if it's not on point, then your content might not make the cut with the client. So it is vital to make sure you have an outstanding ‘Brand impression’.

When I’m not behind the computer working on client projects, I spend some quality time with my wife and 4 boys. I also volunteer as a youth worker/activist with local mosques and community centers.

Other than that, some of my hobbies include traveling, hiking, photography, and writing.

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